Inspiration comes from everywhere this one is from Greece

Meet the fashion blogger Angela and find out more about her and how she find her inspiration for the blog

1. Tell us more about you.

Well, my name’s Angela and I am based in Greece. I haven’t added that info on my blog or instagram yet…I wanted my first steps to be all about imagery, aesthetics and inspiration, and then get more personal. I study architecture and this is a subject that I always wanted to explore and actually do for a living. The interesting part is that my department is so creative that all means of expression are more than welcome. I have gone through photography and editing, writing, video making, drawing of course…All that allowed me to infiltrate into more creative fields, including fashion!




2. What does Sanssouci mean?

I first saw a Sans souci logo on a Taschen paper bag from a book I bought in Paris. The colours of the warm background were somewhere between the yellow and grey colour palette with a touch of sepia filter and there was a big black french bulldog at the front. I immediately checked out the translation and phrase definition, sans souci means carefree and without concern in french. I was so not related to that and I loved that irony! Those two words stuck in my mind for months, just because I am generally stressful and anxious, trying to keep up with many subjects at the same time and all that under the pushing personality of a perfectionist.

3. So you are an architecture student and you studied photography too so that’s why your instagram feed is perfect so can you give us some tips?

Oh thank you so much for that! I am really glad that you thought of me as a photographer, cause I haven’t studied photography. Every skill comes from architecture and personal research! I guess that the first variables, that I am looking for in a photograph, are the colour and texture combinations, the light and shadows, the geometries that the items can form and the angle of the shooting. If a single variable of these change, the result is completely different! When the capture is taken, then comes the editing. I take all my blog and instagram pictures with a nikon D3100 and not with my phone, because I want the best quality possible. Moreover, I don’t overdo it with the editing, I want my tiles clean, bright, with a good amount of contrast without burning the image with light!


4. When you wake up in the morning do you exactly know what are you going to wear for the day or you are like me staring at the wardrobe.

Oh, that’s so complicated!! I sometimes am exactly as you described! But most of the times I find myself in a specific mood of the day, craving for an item…and I start from there, building the whole outfit around it! Of course, sometimes, this item could be eliminated from the combination…and then we can just pray that I am satisfied with the rest! Otherwise panic attacks and piles of clothes on the bed are easily and definitely foreseen!


5. A simple question (I guess) what are your fave pieces?

Definitely not, hope this answer won’t become an essay! I am the kind of person that keeps everything, it’s really difficult for me to throw or give something away, I am deeply connected with my stuff and I respect them just because I [most of the times] carefully choose them for a reason, and this reason becomes a memory!

My current favourite pieces are a WON HUNDRED blue faux fur, my black and silver ankle boots from L’INTERVALLE, a black heeled pair of ankle boots ZARA [obsessed], my MANSUR GAVRIEL bucket bag in sand colour, my COMME DES GARÇONS wallet from the very black collection and finally my DEAN laptop backpack from MATT&NAT that was definitely the most elegant solution, in order to carry my laptop for work all the time! Oh, and my DIOR so real sunglasses!


6. What can we find in your bag?

Nothing too weird! I am always currying around my wallet with cards and some cash, my phone and sometimes a charger, my MOLESKIN planner [important and necessary], a pen, sunglasses case, my camel tobacco and rolling equipment, a moisturising lip balm, keys and handkerchiefs!



7. Leather or denim?

Leather, leather, leather. Don’t get me wrong, I love denim and wear it all the time! But the thing is that I can’t stop feeling that casual and vintage vibe coming out! I strongly believe that in fashion, when it comes to combinations everything is possible, depending on the way of putting things and styles together. Perhaps, I haven’t found the perfect denim pieces to achieve a formal outfit or a different style for me! That’s a great challenge! From the other hand, most of my favourite pieces are made of leather. I have managed to gather a great collection of jackets, trousers, skirts, bags, wallets and shoes along the way, that I wear all the time!

8. Skin. What does it mean for you?

This question is great, thank you for that! I consider skin as a type of canvas and background, that not only holds something on it, but even highlights it and respects it. It is simply amazing how many types of art have included body and skin to their ways of expression and I am really satisfied that nudes have made their way into it without shame or fear, cause it’s beautiful. And I am definitely not only talking about runway nipples, but whole artwork installations and movies that scream about their manifests through body and movement.

Here also lies the reason why I adore watching runway shows. It’s not only about the amazing designs and the evolution of the industry itself, but about the models as a parade. It’s the ultimate way of gathering and showing your work to the people, and I am not talking about the models that stand out with a name…during the shows [for me] it’s not about a name or a face, it’s about what this room stands for and the rest are pieces of this breathtaking puzzle.

9. How do you find your inspiration?

Honestly, from everywhere. Most of my inspiration comes from architecture and interior, object and fashion design. I love reading magazines and articles about architecture and fashion, watching interviews and shows, videos in general, and of course I always go through more blogs for layering inspiration. I love traveling and experiencing different scenery and cultures, visiting museums and galleries! The important thing here, is that I am pretty certain about what I want to do and how to do it, so all this inspiration finally goes through another personal filter, I don’t like copying things. A favourite part of the process is discussing about projects and ideas with my boyfriend, who is also an architect. It’s great to hear from someone that important, the ways that he would want you to explore!


10. How do you find your time to write your blog are you busy with your work?

I started my blog in July 2015, so these past few months have been incredibly busy. It’s really fortunate for me that I have managed to be patient and steady with my personal evolution, so it was all about my school projects and the blog. I am usually posting every 7-10 days, so that I can maintain the quality that I want in images and writing and keep up with my everyday duties.


11. Blogging. It’s art, work, inspiration, lifestyle .. (what do you think)

I guess it’s about all these things combined but also about the way of showing them. I have a great respect for the girls and boys who have managed to succeed in blogging while showing their everyday outfit, lunch, drink, face. This is something that I don’t want to do, though. I am not the most extrovert person, and I didn’t create my page to show myself, but myself through what I do. I can understand that what I currently do is a form of blogging and that’s because I want to create a steady base and then grow from there. I am interested in styling and shooting editorials, consulting campaigns and I want SANSSOUCI  to be the creative platform that hosts projects that I work on, as an online portfolio. This will take time and patience and I am up for it!

Now, referring to question No.8 and while making a correlation between a blog and a face the thing that I could certainly clarify is that I want my signature all over my blog. I don’t want to be the face in front of the camera waiting for the magical click of the photographer. This is definitely going to happen though, but I want to also expand during that!

12. What is your future plan?

This is something that I haven’t shared on my blog yet, but it’s pretty certain that I am moving to Paris at the end of February for a job in an architecture office. This is huge for me, I have been to Paris three times, I can speak french and I am ready to not only practice the language and grow my architecture portfolio, but also continue my blog and add many projects. This semester is definitely going to be busy and I hope everything will go as planned! Deeper in my future plans, is to create a way to combine fashion and architecture when I finish my studies. Another great challenge!

Thank you Angela for being part of my blog!
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