We are in the ’90

Do you remember your moms closet? My moms closet was full of denim .. and we are bringing it back!

Meet the LDD, aka the Little Denim Dress, super cool and sexy for this summer! If you want to put your jeans out of the business this dress is perfect for you. Wear it with your fave kicks or some flat pointed shoes. The look will look great with a bandana around your neck or with a chocker. It’s your choice so make it sexy!

If you decide to be more casual and relaxed but sexy in the same time .. you should take a look to Romee Strijd in her Madewell version. She is absolutely stunning and she wear it so well. This look is definitely for a brunch with you girlfriends.

Leave It to a Victoria's Secret Model to Show You the Sexiest Way to Wear a Denim Dress

Leave It to a Victoria's Secret Model to Show You the Sexiest Way to Wear a Denim Dress

This dress is definitely working for a night out! Not sure? Here is Bella Hadid wearing it after she left the club. She wore the Zip-up denim dress with some great black boots and a mini bag.

And of course denim jackets guys! From Rihanna to Kristina Bazan and Danillethe editor of We Wore What blog.


Denim skirts …

Matching the tiles ✌🏼️#bnkrlove #fshnbnkr

So take your fave denim piece and combine it with other pieces that you have in your closet. You can be sexy, spontaneous and casual at the same time. Have fun and bring back the Summer ’90!

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